25/03/18 : Added 2 new commands /nopm and /yespm to toggle between receiving PMs ingame

03/04/18 : Repeating rule breakers now receive more Bad Points

08/04/18 : /who now includes flags for moon, pvp and Fair Mode

14/04/18 : The dry shrub takeover in the lucky_block mod has been nerfed, PMs you received while being idle will now be listed when you're active again

22/04/18 : Added new command /mi to check detailed infos about a mob, the amount of lucky blocks you can get for free now depends on when you last typed the command

24/04/18 : Added 3 new random quests to the quest system

28/04/18 : Tamed mobs that follow someone can now jump a bit higher, tamed mobs that were given the "stand" order will no longer move towards monsters

07/05/18 : Limited /ldp usage to once per hour

10/05/18 : Added female archers and female guards

12/05/18 : /moon now requires the 'fly' priv

14/05/18 : Idle players will receive no damage anymore, Lava Flan monsters can now burn players (30 sec HP drain)

15/05/18 : Changed commands for PvP -> /pvp now lets you toggle between on and off states, prepared new Elite monster types that replace the old ones

21/05/18 : Added mod 'hopper'

27/05/18 : Made protection chests compatible with hopper nodes, fixed attack range of Orc and Evil Mess monsters, the rating (stars) of tamed mobs can now randomly increase on level ups

31/05/18 : Overhauled name tag system for mobs (old name tags might be bugged until your rename them again), fixed a few bugs in mobs code

03/06/18 : Fixed a bug with cars, adjusted size of 'Elite' mobs, testing different server settings

15/06/18 : Bad Score system slightly changed ... send /bs to see details, server lags have been reduced greatly

16/06/18 : Fixed exploit in bags, optimized Blood Night code

17/06/18 : Split red carpet into 3 different nodes, trees no longer grow inside flower pots

27/06/18 : Changed healing! You no longer heal by eating/consuming stamina

30/06/18 : Players below level 10 are no longer affected by biting/burning effects

05/07/18 : Players now slowly regain HP outside of battles

11/07/18 : Jumping in water now removes the 'burn' effect from players

14/07/18 : Added new command '/near' to list nearby players

15/07/18 : Tamed mob eggs now display the mob level and rating in the item description

16/07/18 : Added more skins for cars

19/07/18 : Updated server version to latest stable

24/07/18 : The leaving sound no longer plays for level 1 players, set 'collide_with_objects' to false for vehicles to prevent a bug

26/07/18 : Tweaked car values, the amount of EXP tamed mobs gain from kills now depends on the enemy's max HP, re-enabled 126r car type

30/07/18 : Vehicles no longer disappear when the driver or passenger leaves the game

02/08/18 : Added new teleport command /tptome that asks the target player to teleport to you instead, drowning decreases more HP now

04/08/18 : Other players can no longer steal your cart when you are inside one

05/08/18 : Monsters and other players (if PvP enabled) can now damage you inside cars, vehicle health has been removed

12/08/18 : Added fish mobs to the server, updated allowed food for cats, penguins and walruses

14/08/18 : Fixed fish bugs, added new mod 'seafood'

15/08/18 : Implemented per-player PM blocking (/blockpms NAME and /allowpms NAME), helpers can now move players to another channel

20/08/18 : Added Stone Block support for the circular saw

21/08/18 : Added additional Mesecons Lightstone colors

21/08/18 : Elite monsters drop more items and give more EXP now

22/08/18 : Changed the way fly time works

22/08/18 : Made the Bad Score system more strict (/bs)

23/08/18 : Various bugfixes, monsters no longer chase you behind walls

26/08/18 : All monsters now have a level, adjusted player name tag colors when hurt/healing

28/08/18 : Added mob despawn indicator, increased arrow damage, added craft recipe for ATKUP Potions

30/08/18 : Updated farming mod to newest version, added Mine/Build EXP bonuses

02/09/18 : Fixed a teleport bug

04/09/18 : Added new mod 'caverealms_lite'

12/09/18 : Added rainbow armor support to enchantment table

19/09/18 : Added new Server Event 'Orc Invasion' (/events)

21/09/18 : Fixed lava/fire damage for lava flans, increased fish collision box

04/10/18 : Added new Server Event 'Death Match'

12/10/18 : Players keep their inventory during Death Match kills now

19/10/18 : Changed craft recipes for workbench and ironbound chest, added /nofr to disable friend requests (/yesfr to undo)

23/10/18 : Added language indicator for chat when set, improved /who

25/10/18 : Added 'Locked Bookshelf'

30/10/18 : Adjusted spawn rates for mobs, you can no longer remove protections that have children before those children are removed

31/10/18 : Armor doesn't degrade from hunger anymore, changed 2 craft recipes (Donut, Rhubarb Pie), made hopper ABMs more reliable

01/11/18 : Fixed bones bug, changed craft recipe for cookies

03/11/18 : Reduced saturation rate of honey, fixed critical areas bug

05/11/18 : Cats eat any kind of fish now, changed strength indicator for monsters from levels to stars, tamed mobs now level up faster and (if possible) do more damage now per level, increased level cap for tamed mobs (15 -> 20), added new craft recipes for desert/silver sand

06/11/18 : Monsters spawn underground now again

07/11/18 : Evil Wolf Bosses will no longer attack low level players on sight

14/11/18 : Adjusted some values in the code, updated /rules

16/11/18 : Player base damage has been buffed

18/11/18 : Fixed some minor bugs, changed /fn vote system

19/11/18 : Wild animals/NPCs receive a rating now as soon they spawn, added support for 'dark green wool' to circular saw

20/11/18 : Fixed various bugs (DM and silver/mithril pickaxes), increased Evil Wolf selection box

22/11/18 : Tamed mobs that can attack will no longer try to attack a monster that's on a completely different height level

23/11/18 : Bees no longer receive a level or rating, players only get a cart near rails when they don't already have one, new players receive a few apples now

26/11/18 : IRP Masters will no longer exist outside of the 'IRP Boss' event, Elite monsters no longer heal, heal rate of tamed mobs depends on their max HP and rating

27/11/18 : Implemented PvP prompt, Players keep their stuff when they are killed at the Server Spawn, HP potions cannot be used in the Death Match Zone anymore

28/11/18 : Made PvP on/off via prompts less spammy, various bugfixes (armor, blueberry pie), optimized PvP code

29/11/18 : Minor Idle System changes

01/12/18 : Improved /who, werewolves drop mese crystals now, reduced saturation rate of honey, fixed some collision boxes

02/12/18 : Added HUD indicator for parent protections, added 'Ninja' mob, reduced arrow life time, removed wolves (dogs spawn now directly on the map)

03/12/18 : Implemented Shared Kill EXP - Players who inflicted enough damage to a monster receive now partial EXP when someone else killed it

06/12/18 : Low level players are given a damage boost, added protection checks when punching trampolines, testing new way to internally change HUD elements

09/12/18 : The amount of HP you auto heal depends on your max HP now, added craft recipe for concrete

11/12/18 : Replaced 'burning status' (caused by Lava Flans) with 'cursed status' (caused by ghosts)

12/12/18 : Mese Monsters can fly now and spawn near leaves

13/12/12 : Mobs bugfix, readded classic Mese Monster and renamed the flying one to 'Flying Mese Monster'

18/12/18 : Added new mod 'earthbuild'

22/12/18 : Added low/high level indicators to Death Match chat messages, changed footstep and dig sounds for snow and snowblocks

24/12/18 : Added new mod 'bbq'

04/01/19 : Overhauled PvP EXP system, improved Activity Score system, fixed minor bugs, added new skins

13/01/19 : Updated 'sandwiches' mod, added 'mobs_sharks' mod

15/01/19 : Implemented Shared Party EXP (each party member gains some EXP for the other members)

18/01/19 : Party System bugfixes, added new recipe for salt

23/01/19 : Added 'streets' mod and adjusted the resolution of its textures

25/01/19 : Added 2 new mods 'candles' and 'lantern'

28/01/19 : Monsters have a random chance to become your friends now when trying to kill them, various mobs bugfixes

30/01/19 : Fixed critical bug in 'bbq' mod, adjusted values of monster friends

31/01/19 : You can give your monster friends a name now, added Bright Colored Clay support for moreblocks saw

01/02/19 : Updated server rules, implemented battle EXP gain display for pets/friendly monsters

03/02/19 : Minor bugfixes, friendly mobs now also gain EXP if they use projectiles to attack

05/02/19 : Giant Rats are now ridable after they became your friends (requires saddle)

06/02/19 : Added Mob Combo feature for extra EXP (only increases when defeating baddies)

08/02/19 : Fixed critical bug in 'Orc Invasion' event, players no longer get damaged by projectiles from friendly mobs

11/02/18 : Small rats behave like NPCs now, made Blood Night more dangerous (only 3-5* enemies spawn and 50% chance that a 5* turns into an Elite), IRP Boss bugfix

12/02/19 : Implemented auto heal buff for nearby party members

18/02/19 : Closed a security hole that allowed modified clients to gain access to any item under certain circumstances

20/02/19 : Added a new server event 'Find the node' (/events)

24/02/19 : Sharks now drop items, adjusted burn time for certain fuels, increased damage per second for lava/fire, removed silver and mithril hoe types, changed 'to craft grid' inventory buttons, several minor bugfixes

25/02/19 : Players can no longer spawn their own mobs at the LBA and they no longer lose their stuff when dying at the LBA, updated 'travelnet' mod

01/03/19 : Armor code bugfix, testing new server settings

02/03/19 : Added Cyan Colored Clay/Old Stone arcs and pillars

07/03/19 : Changed mobs water/lava/fire/light damage systems, monsters that spawned during Blood Night now receive light damage x2

08/03/19 : Fixed mobs swim/fly behavior when they leave their element

11/03/19 : Increased player -> mob full punch damage, fixed bug with owned sharks

12/03/19 : Vehicles can no longer be placed at the LBA, PvP bugfix

15/03/19 : Made event 'Find the node' more challenging

17/03/19 : Updated and repaired mod 'enchanting'

23/03/19 : Implemented global mob kill counter for rankings (coming soon), HUD text 'Event:' now hidden when no event is happening, added 3 new skins

24/03/19 : Changed server shutdown procedure, eating sandwiches now gives you 3 bread crumbs instead of just 1, added another new skin

28/03/19 : Optimized lots of server code

29/03/19 : Dark Grey Wool can now be used with the circular saw, some bugfixes

31/03/19 : High level players can no longer attack very low level ones, improved mobs code

01/04/19 : Added new command '/mo' that toggles between order states of your owned mobs, added 1 new skin

02/04/19 : Increased cap for max EXP you can gain per 3 minutes, added 2 new skins

07/04/19 : Fixed minor '/fair' exploit and another server crash reason

12/04/19 : Command /who can now display more users, added /farm to directly teleport to the Public Farm

16/04/19 : Auto Translation without non-ASCII characters now only triggers anymore when the message begins with a %, implemented Mob Kill Rankings (/mobk)

18/04/19 : Blacklist bugfix, you can now craft white dye with bone blocks

20/04/19 : Adjusted various name tag colors, mitigated a mobs exploit, mobs will no longer jump when standing on slabs, giant rats will not try to run away when hit anymore

26/04/19 : Fixed a mobs bug, vehicles without driver can now be picked up by others when in no/their protection, reduced /cars cooldown to 2 hours

27/04/19 : Made player name tags transparent, fake nodes can be dug faster and wear down tools slower now, added nightstands

28/04/19 : Vehicles bugfix, implemented /protkick command which lets you kick a player from your protections

30/04/19 : Empty buckets no longer damage objects in order to fix a PvP exploit

01/05/19 : The player who kills the Event Boss receives its statue directly now, FAKE rare blocks can be dug by hand now, added new MOD command to change the owner of a mob, players no longer lose items inside item frames when right clicking with another item

06/05/19 : Made /hide persist between server restarts

17/05/19 : Added a new farming crop (strawberry)

20/05/19 : Punching 'lightsplus' nodes now triggers a protection check, joining players at spawn are now better distributed onto different blocks, website messages appear colored ingame now

21/05/19 : Added new recipe for asphalt nodes, a sound plays now when free falling from great heights

23/05/19 : Minor monster HP bar bugfix, adjusted some server settings

29/05/19 : Improved server events 'Monster Battle' and 'Rare Item Rain', adjusted player->mob punch speed, owned mobs can now be sold via shops and will keep all their metadata

30/05/19 : Written books can now be sold via smartshops and will keep their contents

05/06/19 : HP Potions can now be used to heal owned mobs and other players

06/06/19 : Added Mob Combo damage boosts that last for the entire combo duration, improved healing of other players/owned mobs via potions, Dungeon Master fireballs now cause explosions when they hit unprotected nodes

13/06/19 : Changed player level system

15/06/19 : Fixed a few CSM exploits, Death Match bugfixes, adjusted crossbow bolts craft recipe, removed EXP gain limit under certain circumstances

18/06/19 : Added floating damage numbers to mobs, spawn rate in Monster Arena depends on the player level now

19/06/19 : 'Bucket of Milk' now removes any status effect, adjusted floating damage of mobs

20/06/19 : Increased max stack size for crossbow bolts, removed hoes as drops from lucky blocks

21/06/19 : The sound when punching a mob now also plays when the player is wielding a node

23/06/19 : Floating damage caused by the environment now accelerates a bit faster, added ping times to /info

26/06/19 : Increased punch damage when jumping onto mobs from certain heights, added new monster type 'Manticore', rebalanced some mob values

08/07/19 : Implemented pet values for dogs and cats (keep them happy to raise their attack power), some minor bugfixes and code changes

09/07/19 - 31/07/19 : Various server code optimizations and bugfixes

01/08/19 : Improved /lighton behavior and fixed a bug in its code

11/08/19 : Overhauled /lb command and fixed a bug that could crash the server

20/08/19 : Added new mod 'ts_furniture' and made colored clay nodes compatible with it

23/08/19 : Added 'All-White Block', fixed a bug in farming mod

04/09/19 : Improved 'Floating Damage' of mobs

08/09/19 : Adjusted hovercraft collision box, added caverealms 'Stone with *' to lucky block drops

09/09/19 : Improved player HP bar textures

12/09/19 : Added new BOSS mob 'Furious Rat'

14/09/19 : Mob level ups now include their rating, adjusted lucky block drops

15/09/19 : Increased IRP Master HP and changed its behavior, fixed a minor protection bug

16/09/19 : Max owned mob level has been raised to 23, added circular saw support for 'Pearlblock'

25/09/19 : Replaced 'monster was damaged/killed by others' chat message by a HUD text

02/10/19 : Adjusted background of the red monster HP bar, implemented a simple PvP score system

05/10/19 : Fixed a bigger bug that could cause server crashes

07/10/19 : Moderators can now activate temp fly for others players too, added item to toggle Fly Sim

11/10/19 : Replaced regular quests by Timed Quests

13/10/19 : Upgraded game server version to 5.1.0

16/10/19 : Added /hnt which lets players toggle the visibility of the name tags of their owned mobs

19/10/19 : The size of a mob now depends on its rating

23/10/19 : Monsters now prioritize nearby players over other mobs

25/10/19 : Reduced server step interval to 0.15 seconds, the name tags of wild animals now also include their names

26/10/19 : Male wild mobs now have a green name tag, female ones have a pink name tag

27/10/19 : Monster name tags now include their HP also, when a mob is attacking its name tag will turn yellow

28/10/19 : Owned mobs will not randomly change their direction anymore while following their owner

30/10/19 : The attack range of monsters is now higher when a player is above or below them, monsters will now slowly heal up outside battles

05/11/19 : Overhauled temp ban system; Ban time increases exponentially now

06/11/19 : BOSS mobs can become the friends of players now, added circular saw support for 'Salt Crystal'

10/11/19 : Punching an owned mob will now display its level info

11/11/19 : Adjusted player name tag colors when taking damage or healing, removed 'bones' mod

14/11/19 : Players who agree to a PvP match will no longer be able to use HP potions for a short amount of time

17/11/19 : The chat info when punching a player with PvP off now also contains their current HP, added new inventory page 'Options'

18/11/19 : Added back protection check when setting a home position (was missing since server version upgrade)

19/11/19 : Cars with 4 seats now can have up to 3 passengers

22/11/19 : Monsters will stop attacking if the player is too high/low, idle players are immune to knockback now, owned mobs will no longer target monsters behind walls

23/11/19 : Implemented ignore feature; use /ignore NAME and /unignore NAME to manage

26/11/19 : Fixed a bug that made owned IRP Master mobs despawn outside of 06:00-08:00

27/11/19 : Changed join jingle to xmas version, monsters will no longer target other mobs through walls

29/11/19 : Fixed a bug that made it possible to hurt owned mobs with eggs and shurikens, Blood Night monsters will have either 4 or 5 stars as rating now

01/12/19 : Added small xmas balls (You can find them at the mall), fixed a bug in 'doors' mod, adjusted amount of EXP owned mobs get from battles

03/12/19 : Circular Saw now supports 'Grey Stained Wood', the age of owned mobs will be tracked now (punch one to check)

04/12/19 : Added chat warning when owned mob HP fall below 25%, monsters now have a low chance of jumping very high

07/12/19 : Implemented Parkour Times; will measure the completion times for certain parkours on the map

10/12/19 : Added 'Lag' to Date/Time/Event HUD, adjusted behavior of floating damage

12/12/19 : Auto-kick time when idle now depends on player level

14/12/19 : Hoppers will no longer pause transfer when a chest is open, increased fall damage from great heights

15/12/19 : Vehicles mod bugfix, changed player HP bar design

16/12/19 : Added new animal 'Panda'; feed it with bamboo to tame (available at the mall)

17/12/19 : Wild sharks will now continue to attack outside the water

19/12/19 : Adjusted UI a bit

20/12/19 : The /mo command now also supports any tamed animal, added chat warning when player HP are low, updated 'mesecons'

21/12/19 : Chicken egg lay chance now depends on their level, shoot interval of ranged monsters now depends on their rating (stars), Manticores will now spawn from lucky blocks, all monsters spawned from lucky blocks now have at least 3 stars

22/12/19 : Re-added old HP bar layout (send /hpbar 3 to use)

23/12/19 : Mobs will no longer heal from food (use HP potions or let them auto heal), you can now feed your monster friends (they all eat raw meat) to level them up faster

24/12/19 : Projectiles shot by mobs will now glow in the dark, removed 'tail' particles from fireballs

29/12/19 : Implemented new Quest System (check quest icon in your inventory)

30/12/19 : Increased radius of merging dropped items, added despawn timer to dropped items

01/01/20 : Leave messages will now include the reason for disconnecting, changed days/times for certain events (/events)

04/01/20 : Server info will only appear once per 10 minutes in the chat anymore, rate-limited public messages for /spawn, /lba and /farm

07/01/20 : Made bamboo growable, implemented new feature 'PvE Rating'

09/01/20 : Smaller bugfixes, PvE Rating now also decreases when monsters the player a lot

11/01/20 : Removed all moreblocks craft recipes (use saw to get different shapes), added permafrost blocks to the mall, adjusted position for some HUD elements

12/01/20 : PvE Rating now starts at 1000, removed leftover 'send /show to show your name tag again' chat message

13/01/20 : Deleted and removed protections by all obsolete accounts that were created using apps that are now incompatible with this server version, level 1 accounts can no longer protect areas

15/01/20 : Removed 'Lag' from HUD, changed /lag, moved Day/Time HUD a bit up

16/01/20 : Monsters now do a minimum damage of 1 to players

18/01/20 : Renamed fuel to battery for vehicles, updated game server version to 5.1.1

19/01/20 : Fixed join/leave messages appearing twice in chat, PvE Rating system now heavily depends on your total

21/01/20 : Mobs bugfix, vehicles recharge faster now when rolling

22/01/20 : Changed default max amount for circular saw to 50

24/01/20 : Implemented temp fly gifting (send /fly PLAYERNAME to buy temp fly for someone else)

26/01/20 : Removed 'enchanting' mod, added new Tool Power Box (buy from mall or craft)

27/01/20 : Made Mese Crystals rarer, increased prices for tools at the mall since you can repair them now

29/01/20 : Overhauled Tool Power Box code

31/01/20 : PvE Ratings are now stored independently from player files (migration happens when the player joins), added '/r' to see top players with highest PvE Rating

03/02/20 : Protection HUD text will update a bit faster now

05/02/20 : Removed Daily Rewards, removed playtime EXP bonus, implemented new online points system 'ifsies' (send /ifsies for more info)

06/02/20 : Replaced Bad Score with a new penalty system (/badinfo)

07/02/20 : Fixed seeing /me messages sent by ignored users

08/02/20 : Reduced minimum player level for protection safety to 20, added warning when a player below level 20 protects something, made /pts a menu

09/02/20 : Changed 'Old Stone' to 'Ancient Stone' in main quest, ghosts drop the latter now, Old Stone can be found at the mall again, added circular saw support for Old Stone

13/02/20 : Increased player walking speed by 1 node/sec, monster friends now walk as fast as players

21/02/20 : Improved /pts menu, added new mod 'foody', server tracks total blocks placed/dug per player now, made Community Goal code its own mod, fixed some smaller bugs

09/03/20 : Removed 'Community Goals' again, added 'EXPx2' to /pts, level data of inactive accounts remains now

11/03/20 : Added a prompt before befriending monsters, implemented a quick fix for the 'ifsies spent' chat spam, crafting uses less stamina now, minor mob EXP bugfix

27/03/20 : Raised owned mob level cap to 25, adjusted mob EXP curve

28/03/20 : Changed craft recipe for fireworks, added new Boss Mob Egg type

29/03/20 : Reduced walking speed a bit, monsters will no longer die from daylight when it asks you to be friends

10/04/20 : Decreased seconds until Death Match begins, reenabled 'bones' mod and '/ldp'

10/05/20 : Increased EXP curve for level 70+ players

12/05/20 : Added '/here [OPTIONAL MESSAGE]' which reports your current position to the server staff

13/05/20 : Removed '/sos', improved '/helpme'

24/05/20 : Implemented a new player HP display when punching players

30/05/20 : The run speed of monsters is now based on their star rating, added EXP bar to the screen

31/05/20 : Coded a new feature for monsters (AGGRO) which lets the monster target only a specific player and increases its damage

01/06/20 : Teleport requests will now also display as chat messages, AGGRO'd monsters inflict more damage

04/06/20 : Implemented new Build Combo feature; It will reward you with extra EXP for building a lot with blocks

05/06/20 : Added a modified version of the 'emoji' mod (send /e to choose one)

06/06/20 : Vehicles with battery will also recharge when they don't move (driver required), boats turn faster now

10/06/20 : Added percentage value to EXP bar, reenabled '/fn' command (only usable in game now, can no longer speed up purchased Blood Nights)

11/06/20 : Moved 'PvP Off' info to green bar that appears when punching players, fixed mobs sometimes not playing their run animation

20/06/20 : Added new command '/bc' to check your current Build Combo

29/06/20 : Minor code changes, added 'fireflies' mod

01/07/20 : Overhauled 'fireflies' mod so that they also spawn in already generated map parts

04/07/20 : Added new mobs (jellyfish, ostrich and stone golem), made corals glow, DM now heals up players when they leave/win, added Barrel Cacti and Prickly Pear Pad blocks

05/07/20 : Fireflies will persist on the map now, made Stone Golems glow a bit

06/07/20 : '/locations' got a new look, teleporting to non-official locations costs steel now

11/07/20 : The circular saw received support for 'Sandstone Block' blocks, temporarily disabled the viewing of books cause of a bug, added 'butterflies' mod

13/07/20 : Added mod 'food_sweet', increased EXP Gain cap per 30 secs, implemented a new version of Community Goals (/cg)

14/07/20 : Added 'castle_masonry' support for Poplar Planks, Grey Clay and All-White Block, improved /cg window

19/07/20 : Added 2 new mods 'colored_beds' and 'angledstairs', Bad Level will slowly decrease again if players break no rules for a while

21/07/20 : Reduced spawn rate of butterflies, improved Death Match code, players no longer actually die from PvP, ifsies can be refunded now when wasted, messages with too much CAPS will now be converted into lowercase ones

25/07/20 : Players defeated in PvP deal no damage for 30 seconds, active status effects will now display on your screen

26/07/20 : Manticores can bite now, added new status effect 'Confusion' which lets players randomly hurt themselves when punching monsters, added Poplar and All-White-Block angled stairs

30/07/20 : /myom no longer deletes Offline Messages automatically; use /myomdel for that

09/08/20 : Fixed hostile Ninjas not hurting owned mobs, MODs will no longer starve, MODs will no longer gain EXP from mobs while wearing admin armor

16/08/20 : Implemented Hard Mode (/hardmode) which makes the gameplay on this server more difficult and rewards you with more EXP, added 2 commands '/mytr on' and '/mytr off' that let you toggle the auto translation of your own messages

21/08/20 : You can now buy items directly from your inventory (craft guide page)

26/08/20 : No more HP regen when dead, increased idle kick time to 3 hours, added admintool to inventory store, adjusted inventory store prices

27/08/20 : Changed currency used for Tool Power Box (Mese Crystals->Steel)

30/08/20 : Reduced 'Bleed' duration (60->30 seconds), books can be read while wielded again, Tool Power Box now always costs 15 Steel to use

31/08/20 : Changed 'EXPx2' event to '300% EXP', you can no longer buy EXPx2 when it or 300% EXP event is already active, improved /exp window

01/09/20 : Made rainbow/mithril swords more durable, increased base HP for befriended BOSS mobs, fixed a display bug in monster friend request window

02/09/20 : Fixed a critical bug with books, added new priv (allows 200 protections)

06/09/20 : Wild sharks will despawn outside water, timer for dropped items appears later, added colored fire to inventory store

07/09/20 : Added new command '/maxcombo' to check your personal Mob Combo record, adjusted inventory prices/amounts for some chests, chatting will earn you a few extra ifsies now

08/09/20 : Reduced spawn rate for butterflies/fireflies, removed closed curtains from inventory, changed default curtain state to 'open' when crafted

09/09/20 : Added new Temp Hidden Blocks that can be toggled on/off via right click or mesecons

10/09/20 : Dropped items now display the quantity/description and durability left (if existent), '/maxcombo' bugfix

11/09/20 : Adjusted player name tag color when hurt, made the daytime snow sky whiter, increased crossbow arrow lifetime

12/09/20 : The mob level now determines the chances for milking cows/chickens laying eggs and how much wool you get from sheep using shears

17/09/20 : Fixed a display bug in /exp, updated mesecons mod

19/09/20 : Changed Player Shop system, added /shops, players will now keep their stuff when they die at the LBA

20/09/20 : Blood Night monsters will no longer spawn at the Spawn Farm

22/09/20 : Overhauled Party System, added /party

23/09/20 : Implemented server guilds (BETA); You need to be level 30+ and pay 300 Steel to create one

24/09/20 : Added an ingame chat for guild members (/g), coded a Guild Points system

25/09/20 : + 1 HP auto heal for members in guilds that are level 5+, added 3 new soups, added /topg

28/09/20 : Improved /who, added some wool blocks as Temp Hidden types, increased max PvE Rating to 15000

29/09/20 : Name tags of players will now contain 'BLEEDING' when that status effect is active

30/09/20 : Hoppers support smartshops now, fixed a bug that deleted mobs at IRP when the Item Rain Event ended

02/10/20 : Made EXPx2 persistent between restarts & have it only count online minutes anymore, added more blocks from 'caverealms' to the saw

03/10/20 : Planting crops now gives some EXP too

04/10/20 : Added '(Offline)' to the level up message of mobs when the owner is not in the game, reduced chance of chickens laying eggs

05/10/20 : Implemented a new automatic server event 'Reversed Wear' which repairs your tools and armor parts instead of wearing them out (/events)

10/10/20 : Replaced 'Monster Battle' event with a new one called 'Timed Battle' (/events)

11/10/20 : Renamed 'IRP Boss' event to 'Server Boss', changed how the 'Server Boss' event works (can choose which Boss mob to spawn)

12/10/20 : Implemented a player -> mob critical system

13/10/20 : Owned mobs level 5+ can now be resurrected when dead (be quick as you only have 30 seconds!), rewrote Parkour System

14/10/20 : Added party chat (/p TEXT), implemented monster -> player critical damage, changed 'Find the node' event to let multiple players win

20/10/20 : Applied potential bugfix for pitch black monsters on the map, added new Server Boss 'Ghost Boss' (placeholder name)

21/10/20 : Changed mob resurrection time to 1 minute, increased step height for the Morgul Champion, added new mob spawners for regular players