Player Announcements

Players:Please check Fuma Mall before requesting items, fuma mall has armor,electronics,food,tools and home decor type 'FuMa Mall' in the main chat to teleport
(by mitten, 732 d ago)

Have been on holiday back now!
(by mitten, 692 d ago)

Papyville is now connected to Boukennomichi Tunnel (which is connected to Little Japan, Meloncity and Spawn's North Road)
(by muhdnurhidayat, 618 d ago)

FuMa Mall now has an official car shop
(by IhrFussel, 590 d ago)

Little Turkey is going to removed, "New Turkey" is coming out soon..
(by Firas, 575 d ago)

Modern City Train Station is opened to public, Train line: Little Japan - Papyville - MelonCity - LJ Iceland - North Road - Iconic City - Modern City
(by muhdnurhidayat, 562 d ago)

Added Christmas Leaves and Christmas Balls to the MISC shop at FuMa Mall.
(by IhrFussel, 562 d ago)

opened shop in Westfield ! ( shop 29 )
(by khoa, 547 d ago)

Little Japan Central Station is opening access to one of local train line: the Hikari Line. You can start using the line now.
(by muhdnurhidayat, 541 d ago)

North Line rails opened. Currently connects Spawn - City Index Building - North Road Office / Spawn Village.
(by muhdnurhidayat, 508 d ago)

We are looking for unique projects that represent the server in the MT forum ... If you think your build qualifies, send me a PM/OM
(by IhrFussel, 410 d ago)

come to Rainbow City for a home all you do is if I'm offline I'm me by writing BOm I need a home and if I'm online then write I need a home and come to Rain
(by DanTheGuy, 375 d ago)

new update in rainbow city! β€œNew update is there is a street with morden houss but the houss are not made
(by DanTheGuy, 332 d ago)

CuteBoyAxel And Carlie care now king and queen so they rule city if you need anything dint ask me ask them
(by DanTheGuy, 330 d ago)

new update nubby is now owner of rainbow city happy?
(by DanTheGuy, 329 d ago)

new update in rainbow city. update: Denis city is now connecting with rainbow city now the rainbow city size is 5000 old size 3000
(by DanTheGuy, 327 d ago)

Knatt is the new owner of rainbow city
(by DanTheGuy, 306 d ago)

I am offering to build a house for anyone
(by Wolflady, 291 d ago)

Onion, hemp, pineapple, pepper, pea, beetroot, garlic and chilli pepper are now available in public farm!
(by muhdnurhidayat, 291 d ago)

all helpers of rainbow city I wanted to let you know that knatt is the new owner of rainbow city so pls do not change his rank.
(by DanTheGuy, 266 d ago)

Bridge Station is now opened to public on South Line, the line now goes Spawn - Public Mine - PVPA - Farmland - Public Farm - baumhaus - Truth β„— - Pagnottellina β„— - Bridge β„— .
(by muhdnurhidayat, 254 d ago)

East View Condominium in Little Japan is now open, claim one empty house in the condominium and decorate it however you wanted. Floor and ceiling is included in protection so you can change them too. Contact muhdnurhidayat for more info.
(by muhdnurhidayat, 231 d ago)

Station Keshiki and Station Takara are now opened to public on Hikari Line in Little Japan, the line now completed and goes St Mary - An Nur - Police - Maya - Hope - Travelnet - History - LJ Central - City Hall - Keshiki - Takara.
(by muhdnurhidayat, 221 d ago)

rainbow city 2 is coming out in 2019 hole new dramas hole new people but a similar city like rainbow city.
(by DanTheGuy, 216 d ago)

and rainbow city village is coming out.
(by DanTheGuy, 216 d ago)

Server Highway is now directly connected to South Road, and South Road has been extended further.
(by muhdnurhidayat, 169 d ago)

i am selling 2 houses valued at 30-60 stacks of steel each contact me if interested
(by Aaron_, 116 d ago)

im and Patricia_1601 have 1 shop (yo y patricia_1601 tenemos un mercado) tpr to me for go to the my and patri shop (agan tpr para ir al mercado
(by andri, 114 d ago)